Cheshire3 Object Model - Abstract Base Class


class cheshire3.baseObjects.C3Object(session, config, parent=None)

Abstract Base Class for Cheshire3 Objects.

add_auth(session, name)

Add an authorisation layer on top of a named function.

add_logging(session, name)

Set a named function to log invocations.

get_config(session, id)

Return a configuration for the given object.

get_default(session, id, default=None)

Return the default value for an option on this object

get_object(session, id)

Return the object with the given id.

Searches first within this object’s scope, or search upwards for it.

get_path(session, id, default=None)

Return the named path

get_setting(session, id, default=None)

Return the value for a setting on this object.

remove_auth(session, name)

Remove the authorisation requirement from the named function.

remove_logging(session, name)

Remove the logging from a named function.


There are no pre-configured out-of-the-box ready objects of this type.