Cheshire3 Object Model - ResultSet


class cheshire3.baseObjects.ResultSet[source]

A collection of results, commonly pointers to Records.

Typically created in response to a search on a Database. ResultSets are also the return value when searching an IndexStore or Index and are merged internally to combine results when searching multiple Indexes combined with boolean operators.

combine(session, others, clause)[source]

Combine the ResultSets in ‘others’ into this ResultSet.

deserialize(session, data)[source]

Deserialize string in data to return the populated ResultSet.

order(session, spec, ascending=None, missing=None, case=None, accents=None)[source]

Re-order in-place based on the given spec and arguments.

retrieve(session, nRecs, start=0)[source]

Return an iterable of nRecs Records starting at start.


Return a string serialization of the ResultSet.


The following implementations are included in the distribution by default:

class cheshire3.resultSet.SimpleResultSet(session, data=None, id='', recordStore='')[source]
class cheshire3.resultSet.SimpleResultSetItem(session, id=0, recStore='', occs=0, database='', diagnostic=None, weight=0.5, resultSet=None, numeric=None)[source]

[a SimpleResultSet consists of zero or more SimpleResultSetItems]