Welcome to Cheshire3’s documentation!



What Cheshire3 can do:

  • Create a Database of your documents, and put a search engine on top.
  • Index the full text of the documents in your Database, and allow you to define your own Index of specific fields within each structured or semi-structured Document .
  • Set up each Index to extract and normalize the data exactly the way you need (e.g. make an index of people’s names as keywords, strip off possessive apostrophes, treat all names as lowercase)
  • Search your Database to quickly find the Document you want. When searching the Database the user’s search terms are treated the same way as the data, so a user doesn’t need to know what normalization you’ve applied, they’ll just get the right results!
  • Advanced boolean search logic (‘AND’, ‘OR’, ‘NOT’) as well as proximity, phrase and range searching (e.g. for date/time periods).
  • Return shared ‘facets’ of your search results to indicate ways in which a search could be refined.
  • Scan through all terms in an Index, just like reading the index in a book.
  • Add international standard webservice APIs to your database
  • Use an existing Relation Database Management Systems as a source of documents.

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